About Umans of Uber

Driving headshot

Umans are Awesome

I am a high school English teacher and entrepreneur who started working for Uber and Lyft in April of 2016 to make some extra money. From the first day, I loved driving people around.

Umans of Uber is an attempt to record some of the amazing uman beings I interact with.

I drive in South Hampton Roads, the area in southeast Virginia that includes the cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Suffolk. It’s a fun, interesting, and diverse part of the world.

I do the best I can to recapture conversations and recount stories. I admit–I get things wrong sometimes. I reserve the right to employ some poetic license, but I don’t wander too far. That wouldn’t be any fun.

Sometimes I recount conversations from memory. Other times I consult instant replay. I have a security camera in my car and usually record all rides.

Unless they give me express permission, I don’t use the real names of my passengers.

Thanks for reading. If you have been one of my Uber riders, thanks for sharing fifteen minutes of your life with me.


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