A Thoughtful Drug User

This is my first post on a ride that never happened. I never even met Peter. We just texted.

I was on my way when I got his first message.

Peter: Currently discussing terms with a dealer. Might take an extra few minutes. I’m sorry.

Me: How long do you think it will take? I am six minutes away. Will it take more than ten?

Peter: Not likely

Me: OK. No problem.

I didn’t ask what kind of dealer. I thought maybe I was going to a car dealership. Nope. It was an apartment complex in a questionable neighborhood. He was inside negotiating. I can only assume it was a drug dealer. There were some young men on a balcony watching the parking lot when I pulled up.

I texted him again.

Me: Here when you’re ready.

Peter: They are persistent.

Ten minutes went by. Still no Peter.

Me: I can only give you a few more minutes. 

Three minutes later.

Me: Sorry, I gotta run.

Peter: I understand. Thanks.

That was it. I canceled the ride. Peter was charged three bucks.

But I’m sure he saved at least that much in negotiations.


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