Uber Getaway

Okay, this isn’t my Uber story. It was told to me recently by a passenger.

She was in an Uber in the United Kingdom and asked her driver if he’d had any exciting rides.

He told her that he had recently stopped for a pickup on a busy city street when three young men in hoodies threw open the doors and jumped in, breathless. The one in the front seat opened the glove box and threw in a bag that appeared to be smoking.

They all screamed at him, “Go! Go! Drive! Go!”

The driver put up his hands and refused to go anywhere, demanding to know what they just put in his glove box.

“Never mind what’s in the glove box, just drive!”they demanded.

They didn’t get physical or threaten him, they just appealed passionately for him to hit the gas. But he wouldn’t budge without knowing what was going on.

It was only moments later that they were surrounded by the police. The three men had just robbed a bank. The bag in the glove box was smoking because the dye pack embedded in the cash had been remotely detonated.

The cops arrested the driver too at first, assuming he was part of the gang. Some witnesses and his Uber app, however, quickly exonerated him.


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