Definitely Sketchy

I am often asked if Uber driving is ever dangerous–if I ever get worried about creepy riders or driving in bad neighborhoods. After ten weeks of driving, I always answered, “No. I’ve never been nervous. People have been great.” After this week though, I have to change my answer. I’ve now been in one sketchy situation. I… Continue reading Definitely Sketchy



It’s a lightning rod issue today. I know because I just left what seems to be a never-ending debate on a Facebook page about race and racial bias. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat and I tend to be skeptical of both conservatives and progressives. I tend to criticize both, but I also… Continue reading Bias

Living in Sin

Rebecca ordered the Uber for both of them. She and her long-time bestie Cheryl had already started drinking, but the night was young. They were heading to the Oceanfront where a plethora of clubs would welcome them. When I pulled into the driveway, Cheryl jumped in back and told me that Rebecca might be a while–she was embroiled… Continue reading Living in Sin