The New Bay Local

Last week, I picked up two guys near the oceanfront. Their destination was a restaurant called Eurasia Cafe. I had driven a cook from that place some time ago and remembered that he’d bragged about it a good deal.

“I hear the food’s pretty good at Eurasia,” I said.

“Yeah, it’s good,” one of them said, but without enthusiasm. Then he asked me, “Hey, do you know a good place to get breakfast or lunch near Chick’s Beach?”

“Of course. There are some great places there.” It was an oddly specific question, but that didn’t occur to me.

“Like what?”

“Bay Local is great. And Citrus. Both are well-known for their breakfasts.” The truth is, I hadn’t eaten at either one. I’d been to them lots of times and family and friends raved about both, but both restaurants were still on my to-visit list. But I didn’t need to go into all that with these guys.

“Yeah, both of those places get pretty crowded. If you had to pick one though, which one would it be?”

“Hm. That’s tough. But I guess I’d go with Bay Local. I really like the vibe there.” It’s true. I hadn’t been inside, but from the outside, it’s casual and quirky with these distinctive tin and copper ceiling tiles.

“Right answer!” said the guy in the back. “This guy here is the owner of Bay Local.”

I turned around real quick. They were both smiling.

“No kidding! That’s awesome. So, did I win a free meal or something for that?” I was only half kidding.

“Actually, yeah,” said Adrian, the owner. “We’re not really going to Eurasia. We’re going right next door. That’s where we’re opening a second location next week. I’d like to invite you to our soft opening. Breakfast or lunch. It’s on the house.”

“Really? That’s awesome. Can I bring my wife?”

“Of course. We’re doing it from the 20th to the 22nd from eight to three. Please come; we’d love to have you.”

That was last week. This morning, my wife and I went to breakfast at the new Bay Local on Laskin Road*. It was fantastic.

The new place is a little more posh than the original, but it has some of the same eclectic look. The same copper ceiling tiles, for example, and interesting knickknacks on the walls. It’s stylish, but cozy and warm.

The staff is friendly, the service was spot on and the menu is really interesting. After long debate, we ordered two meals and split them both. One was Jamaican Dark Rum French Toast–thin, crusty French bread slices dipped in cinnamon, brown sugar, and dark rum then grilled. The other was their Crab Cake Eggs Benedict. Boom. Both were delicious. The coffee was great too.

Get to this place immediately. It will become a favorite. They serve lunch too and dinner on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Thanks, Adrian!

*Bay Local Eatery, 972 Laskin Road, VB. 757-227-4389




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